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We are a general engineering and high voltage electrical contractor for land developers, home builders, general contractors and government agencies throughout Southern California. We began with modest expectations to make a living pulling cable and splicing within SCE territory. We did our very best to sell the story and create a team that would help deliver on a promise to provide good work and good service.

In retrospect, as we look back on 20 years of service, we are grateful for many of the accomplishments of the work performed and in the life of those that have helped deliver on our dream. We have grown tremendously as a team and are humbled by the growth of both an organization that grew from simplicity to now having the capabilities of building sub stations and maintaining large distribution circuits within municipalities.

There is no such thing as discount high voltage and because of that we have made it our mission to bring our customers the highest quality work to provide them with a reliable and safe product. By providing the highest quality work, we get the opportunity to work with the best craftspeople in the industry. These two mainstay’s provide a flow of communication and understanding to our clients that no matter the size of the project it will be built safely and reliably while improving the standards in our industry.


We believe that in the end our reward has come through the success of investing in our people, customers and community.

We have created an environment since our founding to provide our craftspeople with the tools and opportunities they need to get their job done safely and reliably. It is this commitment to our people that has proven through out the years of our organization to be the most deeply rewarding to our customers and our communities. We continue to be humbled by the growth of our company because of the dedication of our people.

We are ready to work with you

We invest in our people, customers and community.